Gen AI Cyber & GRC Co-pilot

30x speed, 10x scale against status quo! Let AI do the work

World's Most Sophisticated

GRC Co-pilot & Autonomous Platform

Large Language Models

Knowledge Graph Time Machine

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Transforming GRC from Legacy to AI!

Enterprise Production Ready Platform

A compound AI system to radically transform your GRC program from tedious, cumbersome, and time taking workflows to a fast and scalable AI native reality. Uno's domain specific compound AI system scales and outperforms generic language models to deliver the accuracy, resiliency, scale, speed, and assurance that enterprises need.

  • Stop grunge work! Let AI do the heavy lifting.
  • Transition from mundane legacy workflows to strategic modern autonomous systems.
  • Automate away 80% of your tasks and take advantage of 30x speed gains.
  • Get the assurance with private deployments in the cloud and on-prem.
  • Turbocharge your risk posture management.

Automate Human Decision Making

Transition from repetitive, tedious, cumbersome tasks to letting AI do the heavy lifting and leaving just review and finalization for the cyber teams.

Accelerate. Automatically organize the unstructured

Manage IT & Security Risk

Understand, measure, and manage technology risks. Get real-time understanding of the threat surface and exposure.

Say what you do & do what you say at all times

Remediate at Machine Speed

Query anything instantly, using English. Collaborate with the smart autonomous agents to remediate rapid fast.

Auto analyze everything. Prioritize and fix at scale

From Tedious Workflows to AI

Acelerate, simplify, and turbocharge your tedious, expensive, slow, human-intensive, and error-prone GRC program. Use AI to your advantage!

  • Transform Policy Governance
  • Respond to Questionnaires Instantly
  • Seamlessly Pull Data Out of Screenshots
  • Rapidly Onboard Vendors
  • Streamline Audits & Assessments

With AI doing much of the heavy lifting get to 30x speed and 10x scale against status quo. Migrate over from legacy to a modern AI system.

Start your 1 week POV today

and we promise you will never look back!

From Complex Queries to Simply Asking a Question

If you can't find the details and the context quickly, having those tools capturing signals is meaningless.

  • Ask in English and let Uno search it for you
  • Integrate across your cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments
  • Get deep visibility into everything you need to know
  • Mine the relationships & walk the root cause chain to get to the bottom of the problems

100+ out of box integrations come with the platform. Versatile SDK based approach allows for easy integration with additional systems.

Get started today

and we promise you will never look back!

From Fear to Full Control

Find & Remediate Vulnerabilities across the Stack and Technology Lifecyle.

  • Bring the scan inputs from every infrastructure, application, code, and configuration scanner
  • Let the agent auto analyze the impact and the risks
  • Process all the vendor advisory, public guidance, expert inputs, documentation, and notes for hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities

Stop wasting time on managing vulnerabilities via workflows. Go straight to the prioritized list and remediate fast, at scale with AI!

Get started today

and we promise you will never look back!

From Flying Blind to Continuous Monitoring

Get full control by comprehensively understanding your IT & Cyber Risks. Integrate across infrastructure, applications, third party systems, and data flows to continuously monitor and take quick action, when needed.

  • Get visibility into every asset, process, threat, and vulnerability
  • Walk the time machine to understand the past and impact of change
  • Remediate incidents and issues at a rapid pace

Bring together your point solutions and derive real-time business value and effectively manage your cybersecurity programs with confidence, with AI!

Start your 1 week POV today

and we promise you will never look back!


Cut through the noise & outpace the adversary

Manage Risk Posture with Confidence

Force Multiplication with the GRC Co-Pilot

Sophisticated and comprehensive Gen AI system to read, parse, understand, analyze, categorize, and process frameworks, standards, policies, and controls. Map instantly, find the misssing pieces, and even generate standard operating procedures to quickly bridge the gap.

Prioritize & Remediate Vulnerabilities at Scale

Smart vulnerability Management Across the Stack

Supply chain tracking combined with reachability and exploitability analysis to enable thorough prioritization and comprehensive coverage from shift left to shield right. The smart agent even reads diligently through vendor advisory and CISA & MITRE guidance to assess risks.

Search Anything in Seconds, using English

Asset Discovery Across Multi-cloud and On-prem

Deep traceability of your state of reality across infra, apps, data, and config. Extracted, correlated, heuristically derived, and predicted. You can walk back in time and click through fine-grained evolution analysis to view and understand the past.

Repond to Incidents Like a Ninja

Instant Analysis with Collaborative AI Agents

Power of autonomous agents to reduce clutter and to enable you to focus on the most important threats, alerts, notifications, and indicators of compromise. Deep analysis at scale like an expert. Two way integration with your case management systems.

Niel Nickolaisen


In my IT leadership and turnaround roles, I have always looked for emerging technologies that way over-deliver on their promise and value. is clearly such a technology. Uno gathers relevant information and in clean, simple visuals shows what we have, what has changed, what we should do about it and what to do about it. Its use of artificial intelligence creates the reality of autonomous and democratized security analysis and response. simplifies root cause analysis, incident response, inventory and condition management, vulnerability management (and I could go on).

Mel Reyes

Global CIO & CISO, Getaround

Actively listening to customer feedback and iterating fast is in Uno’s DNA.

Tom Kemp

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Investor

Uno’s use of AI in cybersecurity is very innovative and encouraging.

Suresh Batchu

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Investor

Uno's LLM and Temporal Knowledge Graph powered co-pilot substantially reduces incident response time and allows even newbies to understand the root cause behind vulnerabilities and threats across the attack surface. Team Uno is a very experienced and seasoned team that is combining leading edge innovation and deep understanding of the problem space with customer empathy to deliver exceptional value.

Mahendra Ramsinghani

Managing Director, Secure Octane Investments

The Uno team has built a true smart system in a record time yet being frugal with a seed round. The no-ego hustle grounded with a service DNA for the customer makes this team special in its own way. The journey of a thousand miles towards automating our secure future has just begun with this first step.

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