Respond to Questionnaires Instantly with AI

Use AI to

Why Choose Uno?

An autonomous AI system built to read and parse questions from your questionaires in word, pdf, and xlsx formats. A domain trained intelligent, private, and secure language model to answer each of the questions and present responses with citations to sources.

Start in minutes by simply uploading your questionnaires.

Respond to Questionnaires in Minutes

A versatile system to automate away the tedious work of responding to security and compliance assessments

Provide Thoughtful Responses like an Expert

The system takes into account your policies, controls, evidence, and past responses to craft the most suitable and accurate responses

Make Audits and Assessments Easy & Fast

Transform your workflows and process from being a drag on the business to an enabler for success


Ensurance Compliance with Laws & Regulations

Leverage an AI model that has been trained on thousands of pages of policies and controls, and specifically tuned on your documents

  • Complete assessments with a click
  • Review and Approve responses before they go live
  • Avoid hallucination and build confidence with detailed source citations

Automate The Entire Assessment Process

AI can handle the entire process of reading and parsing questionnaires, referring to your documents and evidence for findings the answers, and even crafting the responses

Uno's GRC co-pilot enables you to accelerate your business by automating away the assessment process. It empowers you to respond to every partner and client questionnaire, with confidence, in minutes. Faster response time enables business growth and avoids lost time and wasted effort.

Rapid response & Faster Iterations for Business Success

Automate the tedious and slow process that is coming in the way of collaborating gainfully with your clients and partners

  • Comply with regulatory assessments and instill confidence internally and externally
  • Save time by making audits and assessments a breeze
  • Allow faster time to value in business relationships, while providing the assurance and managing risks effectively