Rapidly Onboard Vendors with AI

Use AI to

Why Choose Uno?

An AI powered third party risk management system that can handle the complexity regulated enterprises require. With private models built specifically for GRC tasks, deployed in your own infrastructure to assure security and prevent data loss.

Start in minutes by simply uploading your vendor's audit reports and questionnaie responses.

Onboard a new Vendor in Minutes

An AI system than can understand your third party risk by reading and understanding a vendor's assessment reports and responses

Automatically identify risks

The system can read, parse, annotate, and understand vendor responses to identify and surface the riskiest facts or unknown realities about a vendor

Continuously assess risk over time

AI will let your organization understand the risks based on undersatanding changes at the time of every re-assessment


Tedious hours of reading through vendor responses. Upload the document and let AI read and analyze it for you in Minutes

Leverage an AI model that has been trained on thousands of assessment questionnaires, and specifically tuned on your documents

  • Understand vendor risk with a click
  • Review and Approve vendors at a rapid pace
  • Surface inconsistencies and gaps immediately

Radically Simplify Third Party Risk Management

AI can handle the tedious and ineffective task of answering questionnaires and reading and making sense of it

Uno's GRC co-pilot enables you to rapidly generate responses to questionaires on one side and facilitates reading and summarizing the most important nuances and actionable insights from such responses on the other. Reduces the cumbersome manual work on both sides and ups the game by being super fast and accurate at scale.

Make Sure you Understand what has been promised in agreements

Understand the controls and their implementation that have been promised to clients and partners.

  • Compare and assess gaps between promised and reality
  • Bridge gaps and rconcile large deviations from expectations
  • Flag potential conflicts and identify path to remediation