Transform Policy Governance with AI

Use AI to

Why Choose Uno?

An AI powered policy management system that can handle the complexity regulated enterprises require. With private models built specifically for GRC tasks, deployed in your own infrastructure to assure security and prevent data loss.

Start in minutes by simply uploading your existing documents, or linking to your existing policy management system.

Read and Analyze 1000’s of Policy Pages

An AI system than can understand your full policy architecture in context with all the relevant frameworks and regulations

Automatically Identify Gaps and Draft New Policies

The system can rapidly flag gaps in your existing policies and suggest updates to close those gaps

Maintain Compliance in a Changing Landscape

AI will let your organization staying current with the never ending flow of regulatory changes and updates


Manual Policy Drafting. Use AI to Create and Update Policies in Minutes

Leverage an AI model that has been trained on thousands of pages of policies, and specifically tuned on your documents

  • Draft new policies with a click
  • Review and approve policy changes before they go live
  • Track employee attestations at every step

Automate The Entire Gap Analysis Process

AI can handle the complex work of gap analysis, from mapping and change tracking to even drafting new policies

Uno's GRC co-pilot enables you to map frameworks and standards to policies, identifying gaps effortlessly. It suggests changes to remediate these gaps. And as regulations evolve the system recalibrates suggesting additional changes where necessary to ensure your policies are always up to date.

Run Policy Comparisons in a Flash

Automate the tedious work of comparing and integrating different policies across departments, or post mergers.

  • Compare and integrate between business units and entities
  • Identify overlaps and redundancies
  • Flag potential conflicts and draft new versions