Team Uno

Building the Future, Today

A passionate, committed, collaborative, kind, and ambitious team on a mission!

Combining expertise in AI, Cybersecurity, and Distributed Systems

We are commited to our vision of enabling every cybersecurity professional to perform at the level of an expert!

  • Members of Team Uno have worked on leading edge technologies that includes autonomous driving, large scale distributed systems, real-time platforms, linguistics, and causal discovery.
  • Years of startup & company building experience across companies like Amazon (yes, we even have a member who worked at Amazon back in late 90s!), Tibco, Nutanix, Elementum, Plume, Medallia, Stackrox, and more.
  • We believe the process of building new things benefits from a diversity of perspectives and a passion for excellence, and includes a mathematician, a competitive west coast swing dancer, a semi-professional photographer, an adventure sports aficionado, a seasoned hiker, an artisanal baker, an expert fruit tree arborist, and a former US national team rower.
  • It's a team that works hard and plays hard. Is fearless and building the future, today.

Welcoming the New Year (January 2023)

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley

Team Offsite (October 2022)

Escape Room

Team Offsite (October 2022)

Point Reyes

Opening the International Office (May 2023)

Dubai, UAE