Antifragile, Resilient. Dynamic

Autonomous Security


Deep data flow and usage evolution centric visibility into the cloud stack

Causal Analysis

Root cause analysis, inference, and probabilistic reasoning


Understanding of the underlying context and the reason for the threat

Contextual Controls

Recommendations and response with short term mitigation & longer term prevention & effective controls

About Us

We are here to solve real problems for our customers.

Like the adversarial parties and hackers, we don't care about buzzwords or 3 letter acronyms.

  • We are here to solve real problems using a new approach
  • Making our customers successful is what matters most to us
  • Uno will define the security landscape. It's just a matter of time.

We are experienced engineers and mathematicians, who have been the driving force behind multiple successful startups. We work hard, have fun, and enjoy the journey.

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Diversity & Inclusion is a priority

Deliberately and intentionally building a better future

Humans are the slowest and weakest link in the world of cyber defense!

As the threat surface evolves and becomes complex in the world of flexible cloud infrastructure, security tools and professionals are struggling to keep pace.

  • Detection of threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks is often too late.
  • Current generation tools have low efficacy and too much wasteful noise.
  • False positives and lack of deep analysis during initial detection leaves all the heavy lifting for humans.
  • Variety, scale, and complexity of attacks is difficult for humans to proactively track.

The only answer for effective and efficient cyber security related detection, inference, prevention, mitigation, and response is autonomous security. With increased automation the journey has already begun. It's not a question of if, but when. is the unmatched thought leader in the domain of autonomous security.


Uno is not yet another tool to detect and respond to cyber threats and attacks. It is the only tool that goes deep into causal analysis, inference, and probablistic reasoning, leading to understanding of the true underlying problem and ways to possibly fix it! It is an intelligent and autonomous system.


Much of the powerful inference and reasoning engine needs only read-only access to your data and metadata.

Fastest time to value

You get the benefits as soon as you start. No warm-up time. System is incrementally more effective by design.

Root cause analysis in minutes

What takes security and infrastructure teams days and weeks of debugging and analysis is achieved in minutes

Multi-cloud & data first

Works across AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. System considers data as a first class construct.

Maximize return on investment

Get instant benefit by making your analysts more effective rather than throwing people at the problem.

Only way to be secure

The adversarial parties don't care for your compliance procedures. Nor do they wait to innovate. They are a few steps ahead of the game.

Join to build the future of cyber security

Actively hiring the smartest machine learning and cloud engineers.

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Founders is founded by two seasoned Silicon Valley experts, Shashank Tiwari and Murugesan Guruswamy.

Shashank is an accomplished senior executive and leader in the deep technology space; a well-known expert in the domains of security, cloud infrastructure, and machine learning.

Murugesan is a very accomplished and well-respected architect and engineer; a recognized expert in the areas of cloud computing, data architectures, analytics, and distributed systems.

Shashank Tiwari

Co-founder & CEO

Murugesan Guruswamy

Co-founder & Chief Architect


We are based in downtown Palo Alto, in the San Francisco Bay Area